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Scuba diving with Us

Discover the underwater beauties of South Florida. We will provide you with personalized service to make your trip as convenient as possible. The coast of South Florida has amazingly colorful and breathtaking underwater world.

We will help you with anything you need to make it the best experience of your life and show you this wonderful world with your own eyes. Our highly skilled instructors with extensive local experience will take the best care of you.

Beach Dive

Deep diving: 15-30 Feet

If you don’t have much time, try shore diving from the beach. It only takes a couple of hours and the whole family can enjoy the beach while you dive.
The Beach dive we do from a sandy beach in Broward and Palm Beach County.
Scuba dive and snorkel from our beaches and discover the best diving Florida has to offer.
For safety purposes when you go, please remember that you must use a dive flag and a float and please do not go alone.  Have fun!

Required Certification: Open water certificate

Full Gear Rental: $99 /person
Guiding: $99 (available1-8 customers)


Pompano Beach has the most magnificent scuba diving and snorkeling, natural coral reefs that you can swim to from shore, which you can only do in South Florida.

For the serious diving enthusiasts, Pompano Beach is the “Wreck Capital” of Florida. The majority of the wreck dives on the Gold Coast are located just outside the Hillsboro Inlet.

With the warm Gulf Stream current flowing parallel to the shoreline, the linear reef tract creates perfect conditions for drift diving also known as “Valet Diving”.

There are several ship wrecks and miles of colorful reefs to explore.

Deep diving: 60-120 Feet

Required Certification: Open Water or Advanced Open Water

Full Gear Rental: $99
Boat Fee (2 tanks Dive): $80
Guiding: $99 (available 1-8 customers)


The warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow closest to Broward and Palm Beach Counties, bringing squid, baitfish, and predators up from South American waters. In essence, the Gulf Stream is like a river flowing through an ocean, re-populating reefs and wrecks with a variety of legal gamefish. Probably the most popular fish among local divers is the Hogfish, sometimes called the Hog Snapper. The Hogfish is actually a member of the wrasse family, not a snapper at all. Man, this fish is good! Pure white flesh, mild tasting, and easy to recognize underwater, the Hogfish is a great catch. Also popular, although more difficult to catch is the Black Grouper. This highly prized fish is known by different names around the world…
Caribbean spiny lobster inhabits tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. Spiny lobsters get their name from the forward-pointing spines that cover their bodies to help protect them from predators. They vary in color from almost white to dark red-orange. Two large, cream-colored spots on the top of the second segment of the tail make spiny lobsters easy to identify. They have long antennae over their eyes that they wave to scare off predators and smaller antennae-like structures called antennules that sense movement and detect chemicals in the water.

Deep diving: 60-120 Feet

Required Certification: Open Water or Advanced Open Water

Full Gear Rental: $99
Speargun or Lobster Gear: $99
Boat Fee (2 tanks Dive): $80
Guiding: $99


The Dive Today Program is great for vacationers with limited time that want to experience the sensation of diving and exploring coral reefs and wrecks. This program is also suited for someone who is thinking about becoming a diver but would like to try it before committing to the full course. You begin with an introductory to SCUBA in the pool in the morning, then break for lunch, followed by a boat trip to a reef and wreck.
Turn your vacation into an adventure!

Full Day Price: $250
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